Attorney Non Compete Agreements

Serving Chicago and beyond, our non-competitive trial attorneys have decades of experience in prosecuting or defending non-competition proceedings. We have won proceedings for companies against competitors or employees who have violated their agreements. We have also successfully defended employees, businesses or franchisees accused of violating any non-compete clause. The only way to successfully defend or follow these cases is to obtain a detailed knowledge of business issues and the nature of customer relations and the confidential information claimed. After receiving a detailed knowledge of these issues by interviewing our clients and verifying documents and business communications, we develop a successful strategy for setting up or resolving the issue. We also draw attention to issues that require expert testimony and key issues that could lead to success in billing or process. We offer free consultations to inform us of your case and provide us with strategies to defend or continue your non-competition clause. This consultation gives you the opportunity to expand us and determine if we are the right lawyers to represent you. A non-compete agreement, sometimes called a restrictive agreement, prohibits a worker from working for a certain period after insanity of the employment relationship for an employer`s competitors for a specified period, usually between 6 months and 2 years.

In addition, the employee agrees not to create a competing business of the employer`s business or to yell at the employer`s customers or customers. Competition bans are part of employment contract legislation, which aims to protect employers from workers who leave and take away a number of customers or significant information about the sector. However, these so-called restrictive alliances should always be as narrow as possible to defend the legitimate interests of the employer. As employers increasingly use these agreements, some states have limited the conditions under which trade restrictions are possible under employer law. By keeping a lawyer to defend your interests against an employer who wants to implement or enforce a non-compete agreement, you can often restrict the employer`s ability to exercise such trade restrictions and, in some cases, have the entire agreement terminated. While the Ohio Board and the Kentucky Supreme Court have recognized that non-compete clauses against lawyers can be enforceable for non-legal work, the distinction between legal and non-legal work is often blurred.