Collective Agreement La Trobe

Trobe University can make involuntary layoffs of another 215 to 415, even after staff have voted to amend the contract. “I am grateful that the change was supported by the majority of voting staff, who have now together protected the financial equivalent of about 225 jobs through a pay cut,” Professor Dewar said. “All La Trobe employees will have the opportunity to vote on the [framework] on June 16 and 17 – a temporary change to our company agreement – and although the framework does not protect all jobs. It will provide $32 million, the financial equivalent of about 225 jobs this year and next,” said Professor Dewar. A weekend vote by Members of the National Tertiary Education Union employed by La Trobe led 74.3 percent of employees to accept the proposed change to their company agreement, while 25.7 percent rejected the agreement. It provides that some employees would benefit from salary cuts for one year and dismissals would only take place in cases where a university could explicitly demonstrate that there is no work. It is hoped that the agreement will protect 225 academic and support staff from forced dismissal, while between 225 and 425 additional positions will likely be cut further to keep the university afloat. “After saving money by amending La Trobe`s collective agreement, the first round of voluntary layoffs and other savings based on our financial undercoverage due to COVID-19, we estimate that between 215 and 415 involuntary layoffs may be required,” the spokesperson said. “However, new savings combined with an increase in turnover could lead to a reduction in this figure. La Trobe is one of the few Australian universities to look at the framework to save an estimated 12,000 university jobs. On the campus of La Trobe University in Shepparton, a number of jobs could be saved after the majority of employees agreed to change La Trobe`s collective agreement. Sign up to receive our Breaking News Alerts and Editor`s Daily Headlines with the best local news and stories.

(2) This Directive provides university principals with a guide to ensure the consistent application of remuneration and reward results which are: Adam Carey is the publisher of education. He arrived at The Age in 2007 and has already covered state policy, transportation, general news, art, and food. The 215 to 415 potential involuntary layoffs would work towards what staff voted for earlier this week. 3. This directive applies to all employees employed directly through either employee: it will be put to the vote of non-unionized employees later this month. The agreement expires on June 30, 2021, but could be renewed after a new vote by members if the university`s financial situation has not improved. (4) Remuneration is the term used to describe the reward of a job in the form of wages and/or benefits and/or incentives. .