Office Key Agreement

Key Type (Office/Gateway) – A replacement key can be distributed to a person for a fee, without a Campus Safety and Security incident report or a kernel/key change required when the key provides access to a personal office, housing or corporate space and does not affect common areas. All keys or keys that relate more than you or additional spaces must be reported to the Lock Shop and require an incident report on Campus Safety and Security. Lost keys for students automatically cause a change of kernel/key if the lost key is not displayed within 24 hours for schools. Based on these factors, the Lock Shop will make the decision to replace the keys or modify the core, given the safety and security of the campus. All costs incurred, including work and re-encryption equipment, are covered by the person, company or service of the employee who lost the key. Keys lost here: Key report keys lost for university halls; Z.B. offices, classrooms, classrooms, apartments, warehouses, mechanical premises, high-voltage premises, etc., are entrusted to the staff of the college with the consent of the head of department, the dean or the director. Each key distributed to college staff, contractors or students is documented by the Facilities Lock Shop. No key can be transferred from one person to another without being returned to the Lock Shop for the corresponding reissue. Each key is stamped with a unique code and distributed by code to a given person. The employee to whom the keys are distributed must pick them up and sign them at the Facilities Building in Latham St.

60. After the termination of the employment relationship and/or student status, all keys must be returned to the institutions without delay. If the keys are not returned in the event of termination or separation, this may lead the employee and/or student to be responsible for the cost of handing over the keys to a room, office or building if he does not return his key before leaving the college. If the keys issued are not returned, this will result in a minimum cost of $100 per key. . This directive applies to all Williams College staff, guest students, students and contractors who work for the university. It applies to all facilities owned, leased or used by Williams College. The directive and its application are the responsibility of the facilities and are implemented by the lock-shop taking into account the safety of the campus. All college faculties, staff and administrators ensure that keys are not distributed to those who need access to areas other than those to which the person has issued the key. The lock-shop is responsible for ensuring that large requests and all corresponding permissions have been obtained before the keys are handed over.