Software Assurance Agreement

Software Assurance is often criticized[2] for its cost and the lack of “free” software updates in the term of the contract. The development time between the most important versions of the operating system is often three years, so customers have to extend their software insurance by a new contract term to get the next “free” upgrade. The Home Use Program delivers exceptional value to both employees and organizations; If employees use the same software at home that they use at work, they can learn skills and increase productivity through powerful and familiar applications. Their unique HUP enterprise code and email address are all they need to get started – and once employees have downloaded their software, they get similar reduced upgrades through the duration of your organization`s active software insurance agreement. With HUP, you get both the software your employees want and additional materials that will help you speak to your company. The number of days and hours depends on the number of Office Application, Server and Developer Tool qualifying licenses, as well as the number of core CAL-Suites, Enterprise CAL and SQL CAL-Suites for which software Assurance is purchased. The days collected during all software purchases are grouped together and can be used for each of the Planning Services offers, regardless of the type of software purchased. Microsoft`s software insurance program criticized its price and the duration of each contract for the frequency of significant software updates. Since major operating system upgrades are often published at intervals of more than three years, the software insurance contract should probably be renewed for each major upgrade. Microsoft Software Assurance provides licenses for release updates. Software Assurance customers automatically obtain license fees that allow them to provide new software versions when they are published.

Program Insurance also provides access to Microsoft Unified Support and other services to help customers get the most out of their software. The integrated transaction purchase for software and online services Volume Licensing Insurance includes a number of benefits that include Microsoft software and services. Software Assurance helps increase productivity by 24 ×7 with 24×7 technical support services, end-user training and technology, technologies and exclusive rights, as well as the latest software versions of Microsoft and unique technologies to increase productivity by 24 ×7. Your business receives a number of training days based on the number of microsoft Office and/or Windows software licenses issued by Software Assurance. Eligibility for training vouchers depends on the coverage of a minimum number of licenses by Software Assurance. This number varies depending on the licensing program. More information on eligibility for software insurance training checks can be found in Microsoft`s list of products for volume licensing. Depending on your organization`s agreement, use one of two tools to manage your available software insurance benefits.

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